Progress in 2014

In 2014 Classicizing Philadelphia continued to evolve.  The public face of the project now consists of two sites, entered by the gateway at  this blog, and the main content site at  Soon there will be a third piece, a mobile tour developed with the assistance of Interactive Mechanics and the generous support of the Classical Association of the Atlantic States.  Thanks to these and other partners and supporters, including Bryn Mawr College and ARTstorClassicizing Philadelphia has moved in twelve months from plan to fledgling reality.

This is a beginning, but set against the extent and richness of Philadelphia’s long engagement with Greece and Rome, it is a very small beginning indeed.  Classicizing Philadelphia needs your help in telling the story of Philadelphia’s long conversation with classical antiquity.  If you are interested in developing content for the main content site or the mobile tour app, if your academic research or teaching focus on classical reception or Philadelphia history, or if you see another way that you might be part of Classicizing Philadelphia, please contact me at classicizingphiladelphia(at)

Lee T. Pearcy
Director, Classicizing Philadelphia